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Sonakshi Sinha, Amrita Arora and Shahid Kapoor @ Ready premier

There are bollywood beauties sonakshi sinha and amrita arora and most smart personality shahid kapoor went to the premier of ready screening.

This is their photo gallery….

Ice cream wars

Nope, apparently they lost their Good Humor.

No good humor in frosty Pa. frozen treat feud
Associated Press -

UNIONTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Police are hoping the threat of losing their permits will be enough to thaw the frosty relationship of two Pennsylvania ice cream truck drivers accused of trying to run each other off the road.

The Herald-Standard of Uniontown reports police told the rival vendors to chill out after a dispute Wednesday night.

Authorities say the wife of one vendor told police the other man tried to run her husband off the road.

Pass the savings along please.


Great news.  Now, pass the savings along please.

Malpractice lawsuits plummet
By Don Finley - Express-News

If there was any doubt that tort reform in Texas has kept doctors out of the courthouse, consider this: Surgeons at the University of Texas Health Science Center were hit with 25 malpractice lawsuits in the decade before it passed in 2003.

Since then? Only three.

As expected, it also slashed their legal costs — from about $600,000 a year before the law was passed, to $500 a year since then.

Reward for information on Deputy's killing

Someone, somewhere, knows who did this.

Call Crime Stoppers at 210-224-7867 or the Sheriff's Office at 210-335-6070.

Make some money and serve justice.

Information on deputy's killing worth $52,000
Reward bolstered as investigation into fatal shooting of sergeant intensifies
By Eva Ruth Moravec - Express-News

The reward offered for information on the killing of Bexar County sheriff's Sgt. Kenneth Vann reached $52,000 Monday, bolstered by donations from the Texas Municipal Police Association, multiple police agencies across Texas and Vann's relatives, and it might grow higher as word of the slaying spreads, officials said.

Vann, 48, was killed with an automatic weapon, said Deputy Chief Dale Bennett, spokesman for the Sheriff's Office. Vann, a 24-year veteran, was in his marked patrol car en route to a call when he was ambushed. While stopped at a red light at Rigsby Avenue and Loop 410 around 2 a.m. Saturday, someone in a small white car pulled up and shot him, authorities have said.

Authorities have not determined a motive or released information on suspects, other than to say that Vann was likely killed because he was a law enforcement officer. A multiagency task force based in the AT&T Center parking lot and led by sheriff's Deputy Chief Rey Lujan is investigating. Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz said Sunday that the officers would not rest until “we find the guy who did it.”

Farewell Jaden, we hardly knew you

An infant dies in the small apartment where his parents cooked meth.

A whole world lost.  A world in which the young Jaden Esparza would have grown up.  A world in which he would have laughed and loved.

All lost now.

Rest in Peace Jaden, we hardly knew you.

Infant dies after being rushed from possible meth lab
Parents face drug charges, questions about his death.
By Michelle Mondo - Express-News

The death of an infant Monday was under investigation after police discovered that the small Northwest Side apartment where the boy reportedly lived was being used as a meth lab.

San Antonio police Sgt. Dave Berrigan said that around 4 p.m., police were called for shots fired at the Sun Park Apartments in the 1800 block of Bandera Road.

Around the same time, a man and woman were seen running around the complex parking lot trying to find a ride to the hospital while carrying their son's unresponsive body, officials said.

Top Models Walk On the Ramp at Mod's Art Show 2011

Top Models Walk On the Ramp at Mod's Art Show 2011
Top Models Walk On the Ramp at Mod's Art Show 2011 very nice photo.

Katrina Kaif photo on the cover of people magazine

Katrina Kaif photo on the cover of people magazine
Katrina Kaif photo on the cover of people magazine very nice photo.

Kangana Ranaut visites ‘Ready’ Special Screening

Kangana Ranaut visites ‘Ready’ Special Screening
Kangana Ranaut at arpita Khan Ready special screening in Ketnav, Bandra, Mumbai on 30th May 2011.

Bollywood Mega Thread Photo diary

Bollywood Mega Threads photo diary
Keep the IC part clean, I will create a placeholder for all Photo Galleries to be added to by users who own their own image hosting sites. As before, they can add gallery images in this thread with at least two full frames per image session.Any new thread created will attract the "Bad Image Host" violations and two such violations will result in a ban.

latest bollywood fashion collection

Bollywood latest fashion collection
We saw this Louis Vuitton maxi early Giselli on the cover of Harper's latest edition. In this month's Vogue issue, Prachi also carries the same maximum as part of a makeover series.Wearing a cotton sari, Rani absolutely gorgeous in a recent book launch, pompoms and all.

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